Billiard Room

Relax in the Billiard Room

Whether you have yet to be called for dinner or just finsihed it, why not channel that competitive spirit into a challenging game of snooker, backgammon, bridge or darts?

The Billiard Room and its well stocked bar is a great 'hidey hole' too, a bolt-hole for any number of individuals in your group. Great for Dads who want to escape the squables of troublesome offspring but be careful the children don't beat you to the snooker table!

It's also a great place to retire too when you need a quiet place to pay extra attention to a special client. That frame of snooker may be the one that clinches the deal!

To the uninitiated, the full-sized snooker table is a bigger challenge than you think whilst the hours can slip by unnoticed when backgammon or bridge takes centre stage.

Whether it's for a wee wager or matchsticks, the traditional panelled surroundings of the Billiard Room also transports you back in time to a time gone by.
Leys Castle

Leys Castle, Leys Estate, Inverness, IV2 6AF
Designed by 2bcreative, built by Alchemy Plus